The customer is always right, except of course when they are wrong. In that case, one just has to make them think they are right. Let's be honest, there are no right or wrong answers in fashion, just questions that go unanswered. So whether you're a budding designer struggling to make ends meat, which sounds a little sketchy (see what I did there) or a Couture fashion house on the rise, or fall, as long as there is thread in the world, that cats playground will always be open.


Redefining the luxury space has been happening whether you've seen it coming or not. I mean, think about it, to one person, having a housekeeper is a luxury, while to another it's a necessity and basic form of life...just ask any corporate loving, high-rise living, midtown New Yorker. As we see the "struggle' finally became real for the luxury market, it's time to stop and ask yourself : "is it worth it, should you really work it or just put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it". Think about that one.  



If beauty is only skin deep, then what's under that skin can make all the difference in the world. Whether you moisturize daily or have an affinity for mascara that stretches your lash length 13 times longer (I mean really, what are you a giraffe) you should know beauty will never die, it only expires...then it's time for the next new thing. I guess it's kind of like one of the mistresses of the creative world. Things that make you go hmm. 


If you're not living it, then it's not a lifestyle. There is no one size fits all formula to develop the perfect lifestyle brand. It takes on a life of it's own, quite literally. A lifestyle can be a person, a product, a brand, an idea, or simply a mantra by which to live...but one thing it's not, is a choice. Lifestyles come out of nowhere and often change and adapt to their surroundings to survive, but they never go out of style, like Madonna, or bell bottoms...well, maybe not so much the latter.